Design & Prototypes

Developing prototypes for eco-car electronic parts and fuel cell parts

We support fast start ups by making prototype electronic parts for HV cars and EV cars, and developing molds for mass production.
We support the development at automobile manufacturers by making prototypes for fuel cell Bipolar plates, etc.

Developing inspection gauges

We also support quality control by designing and making the gauges that are used as a set with molds in production lines.

< The secret of development >
Initially, we were told that the precision demands for our gauges were too high and could not be met. By applying the high-precision machining technology of Nishimura, we were able to meet our goals and succeeded in the design and production of high quality gauges that are easy to use in production lines.

Developing inspection gauges

Developing eco-car electronic parts

By integrating the press processes and making the mold compact, we improved the lead frame production process for eco-car electronic parts, and were able to reduce costs by 28%.

While reducing the number of processes, the mold was also made compact.A maximum cost reduction of 28%.


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