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Nishimura is taking advantage of MOT.

What is MOT?

MOT(Management of technology)is a management style that treats technology as an important business asset, and by managing (planning, operation and control) that life cycle in a strategic and organized way, maximizes the long-term value creation of the company (manufacturing industry).
The objective is to have our technology asset recognized in the marketplace and to increase the market value of our company.

Value creation & Value acquisition

Why Nishimura adopted the MOT method

Business structure of current enterprise (manufacturing)

Even if value is created, it is difficult to achieve value acquisition and increase the value of the company.


  • ◆ Acceleration of technological innovation and diversification
  • ◆ Taking the needs of the market into our products.
  • ◆ Coping with the change of the market.
  • ◆ Difficultly in optimizing the combination of technology and business
  • ◆ Shortage of staff that are skilled in both business and technology
  • ◆ Intensification of corporate competition
  • ◆ Uncertainty of technology, customers, and competitive environment
  • ◆ Necessity for advanced business strategy

Nishimura's future after adopting MOT

After adopting MOT, Nishimura will improve both technology and quality, and also evolve into an organization that will also win in the competitive international marketplace.



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