Mold development and shape consideration work flow

A development method that achieves precision

At Nishimura, we use a test mold to perform basic experiments in order to achieve precision.
Not just for the technology, but also for speedy development, we own a die assembly for tests made in-house so that our clients just need to make punches and dies for trials.

A development method that achieves precision

High-precision press processing

We develop high-precision press products with no after processing or after treatment.

Developing materials for press forming

Due to our strong connections with material manufacturers, we are able to simultaneously develop materials and forming methods.
We have experience developing molds for the automobile and medical industries.

A thorough confidentiality system

The entire design and production of molds is performed in-house and our management system assures confidentiality so that our clients working with leading edge development both in Japan and overseas need not worry about their information.

Three promises from Nishimura

All consultations are with engineers

All consultations with our customers are managed by our technical sales staff, all of whom are engineers.
In addition to the consultations proceeding smoothly, there is the advantage of being able to make proposals while meeting with the customer.
Members of the design staff to accompany them when necessary.
Nishimura prepares for a smooth monozukuri process.

Speedy monozukuri

Nishimura places importance on the sense of speed of development, and proceeds with the production process while balancing "technology" and "speed".

Developing customers' ideas

In the monozukuri industry, demands are increasing every year for reduced costs and faster delivery without sacrificing function or brand image.
At Nishimura, we fully understand the needs of the customer, and proactively propose ideas that will not reduce the functions of the product.

Points for improvement proposals: materials, methods, design and product shape, etc.



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