Metal bipolar plate

Features of Nishimura Metal Bipolar Plate

We possess technology of manufacture die assembly with high accuracy and exceptional forming know-how to supply stainless steel/Ti bipolar plate with fine pitch flow channel.

Please refer to features of our metal bipolar plate bellow based on the sample on the picture to the right.


Feature 1:Uniform Thickness

Our bipolar plates have uniform thickness including corners.

uniform thickness including corners

Feature 2:Stable Height of Flow Channel

Bipolar plate which has 5mm-height of flow channel has less than 20μm variety of height.


Feature 3 :Exceptional Flatness

350mm-size bipolar plate has less than 3mm flatness.

Example of design of metal bipolar plate flow channel

We have the forming database based on many experiences. We are able to propose the optimized cross-section shape of flow channel depending on material property to supply high-quality metal bipolar plates.
Please refer to the example of graph bellow which shows formable area of SS316L and pure Ti based on our database.

Width of flat area & Angle of flow channel

◆Relationship between Pitch and Height of Flow Channel (Material Thickness 0.1mm)

Angle of flow Channel : 13.5°

Angle of flow Channel : 5°

Example of Metal Bipolar Plate (Past Performance)

Material SS316L, Pure Ti
Material Thickness 0.1 - 0.15mm
Size 200 - 430mm

These are past results. Please contact us even if you would like to try other conditions.

Metal Bipolar Plate with Research and Development since 2000

We possess technology of die assembly and forming which is needed to manufacture Bipolar plates with high quality. We serve a variety of wants and needs of our customers with a wealth of knowledge and experience of fuel cells which we have gained by research and development over the years.

Metal Bipolar Plates by Nishimura


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