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At Nishimura, we support your development of automotive parts with our precision dies and press processing technology.Automotive parts

  • Higher-precision
  • Extended Durability
  • Reduced Weight
  • Integration
  • Process Acceleration
  • Increased Productivity

Nishimura supports development of from conventional automobile parts to the latest auto parts mounted on eco-cars such as PHV, EV and FCV, from the aspects of dies and press forming.

Development & Prototyping

Nishimura has been engaged in development of press forming technology and dies for, and test stamping of, components for automobiles including EVs, FCVs, HVs, and conventional petrol vehicles. We build high-precision dies, validate their quality using our latest presses, and provide our customers with tips for optimum dies and products.

Design & Production

By combining and leveraging our know-hows and state-of-the-art analyzing technologies accumulated over the years, we meet and exceed your expectations on highly rigid and functional die design. Dies are fabricated upon close consultation with our customers from die design stage and by utilizing CAE analysis. We also limit the lead time by conducting formability analysis to reduce the number of required die tryouts, for early start-up of production.

Our Technology

We've always been striving for improving our technology, without avoiding difficult processing and manufacturing. With the latest facilities and skills developed through the years, we are actively working to achieve 1μ processing accuracy. We also assure the quality of the precision parts by integrated production, including milling, grinding, lapping and finishing, all in-house.

Press Forming

Nishimura can press process components with highly rigid and precise machines, and also perform digitally controlled forming using high-precision servo press machines. Our roadmap includes validation of and test stamping with dies we make, as well as giving you tips on optimum processing methods, keeping potential mass production in mind.

Quality and Production Control

With our latest measuring devices such as 3D coordinate measuring machines, a roundness measuring system and image measuring machines, extensive quality control and assurance scheme is implemented. Production management software customized based on our manufacturing know-hows facilitates planning of the optimal process, helping load and delivery date managements.

What's New

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Announcement of our participation in FC EXPO 2018 at Tokyo Big Sight from Feb. 28 to Mar. 2.
Certification of "Toyota Monozukuri Brand 2017" awarded by Toyota city, as having exceptionally precise processing capabilities.
Announcement of our participation in FC EXPO 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight from Mar. 1 to Mar. 3.
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