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Our Technology

Precision processing with micron accuracy for high-precision dies

Our state-of-the-art equipment and technologies are enabling us to produce superior, high-end products. Also in parts processing, we've been delivering excellent quality products to our customers, by leveraging various grinding technologies such as surface grinding and profile grinding and by integrated in-house manufacturing.

High-precision machining center and micro fine machining center

  • Manufacturer ROKU-ROKU SANGYO.,Ltd.
    Model MEGA-SS600
    Function High-precision micro processing machine
  • Manufacturer Sodick Co.,Ltd.
    Model AZ250
    Function High-precision micro processing machine

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Nishimura's expertise that meets all your quality expectations

By securing optimal environment and conditions for processing and by monitoring tool wear, Nishimura guarantees geometric accuracy in the order of microns. We make full use of our know-hows accumulated over the years to undertake integrated production of highly precise die parts in-house.

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Our Products

#1 Sintered die parts (a punch to form gears)

Description:The contour accuracy of the gear is within ±0.005mm. The dies are produced with particular focus on the accuracy of the gear shape as well as the right angle accuracy, and the surface roughness of 0.4 z is secured.

#2 Progressive Die Components for Electronic Parts

Material:Carbide (D60)
Processing method:Precision grinding using a profile grinding machine
Description:By controlling contour accuracy and monitoring conditions of the blade tips, high quality and durable products have been obtained.

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