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Development & Prototyping

With our die making and press-forming expertise, Nishimura will meet your expectations and needs.

We have over 15 years of experience of supporting our customer's development of and prototyping a range of products such as metallic separators for fuel-cells for mainly automobile applications. From die design, die tryout to mass production stages, by developing projects in close corporation with our customers, we can provide them with VA and VE proposals without compromising functionality. This enables us to overcome with our customers various technical challenges we face in developing the next generation automobile parts.

Features of Nishimura's Die Development Support and Prototyping

01 Close co-development with customers, from die design, die tryout, through to mass production

We have been engaged in a wide range of production technology developments with our customers, from die design / making to die tryout to mass production, focusing on the automobile industry. Our involvement in development from the very initial stage of product design has helped our customers achieve their quality and cost targets, in the fields of plastic processing and production technology.

  • Start-up meeting on the project
  • Analysis for possible problems
  • Modification proposal from Nishimura
  • Experimental stamping and verification
  • Feedback to customer
  • Design prototype dies
  • Build prototype dies
  • Die tryout and adjustment
  • Present test sample products to customer

02 Proposals at the development and prototyping stages

Prototyping cost saving

By utilizing our own existing die set and making inserts only, we can contribute to cost savings on development and prototype dies, and faster delivery (subject to certain limitations). We're flexible as well -- we have options to accelerate die production, including substitution of materials.

Quality that you can rely on

For successful production of products, it is our practice to first verify whether your design is press-formable satisfactory, and figure out the optimum die design. We can also provide potential solutions on difficult-to-form materials such as stainless-steel and titanium, to facilitate future mass production.

03 3 commitments that underpin Nishimura's development support

Every meeting is attended by our engineer.

Any and all meetings with us will be with our experienced and knowledgeable engineer(s). This is helpful to facilitate discussion, and enables us to give you appropriate suggestions promptly. If needed, designers can also join. We're fully prepared for optimizing your production.

Rapid Manufacturing

At Nishimura, we value effective and efficient operation, satisfying both quality and productivity.

Development Focused on Customers

Manufacturers are facing ever greater pressure to cut cost and reduce delivery times. Meanwhile, in some cases, hasty processing affects functions of the parts, thereby jeopardizing their brand reputation. We at Nishimura are committed to satisfying your needs, and will make any and all suggestions to optimize production without compromising functionality. ※Areas of our suggestions for improvement : material, processing method, design and product geometry, etc.

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