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Quality Assurance

Quality Management and Assurance Supported by a Wide Range of Highly Accurate Measuring Instruments

We have a wide range of inspection equipment including 3D coordinate measuring machine from Carl Zeiss, a roundness measuring system, image measuring machines, and microscopes. With these measuring devices and by conducting inspections at each process, we undertake substantial "Quality Management and Assurance." Our products will be delivered in time, thanks to our own production management system constructed with our manufacturing know-hows, and to our optimum process planning.

In-process inspections with highly accurate measuring equipment

Highly-accurate measuring equipment

  • Description CNC 3D coordinate measuring machine
    Manufacturer Carl Zeiss
    Model Prismo 5
    Features 1µ/300mm guaranteed
  • Description Image measuring machine (Left) Microscope (Right)
    Manufacturer Keyence Keyence
    Model VR-3000 VHX-1000
    Features Resolution:0.1µm Fine profile measuring machine 1000x

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Strict in-process inspection

Our zero-tolerance policy

Any and all our die products undergo very strict in-process inspections, before they are released to subsequent processes. As we manufacture as many as more than 10,000 die parts yearly, totally in-house, our quality has been widely recognized by our customers.

Strict on-time delivery with "traceable" "quality management".

  • Strict quality management and assurance
  • Production management
  • Quality products
    delivered on-time

The wealth of our experience has been reflected to a production management software (Dr. Koutei), to find out the optimum working procedure, and to moitor each process and deadline. Visualization of each process and timeline has promoted early detection and solution of problems, and punctual delivery. Our reputation for reliable, quality products delivered in time provides us with a significant advantage over our competitors.

Certifications(ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, Toyota Brands for Manufacturers)

Our Quality Policy

Our Missions

Nishimura provides customers with safe, quality and unique products and services, through our integrated material procurement, manufacturing, and marketing activities, for even higher customer satisfaction.

Our Quality Policy

1. At Nishimura, we are willing to understand what our customers want and need, and striving for satisfying them by creating products with superior quality.
2. At each and every step of manufacturing, we engage in ongoing quality improvement activities, valuing our customers' requirements.
3. We fulfill our social responsibilities by establishing and achieving quality goals throughout our business activities.
4. We comply with laws and regulations, and deliver safe and reliable products and services.
5. We implement quality management system properly, and evaluate and improve its effectiveness regularly.
6. We disseminate and share relevant information at every level of our organization.
7. We review our quality policy regularly, to sustain its appropriateness.

Our Environmental Policy

Our Missions

We at Nishimura strive for clean and green environment for future generations, which we regard as our mission for sustainable development of ourselves and humans in general. We are committed to undertake environmental preservation activities as one of our most critical tasks.

Our Environmental Policy

1. Environment Management System
・The effects of our operation, products and services on environment are periodically reviewd, to consistently improve our environment management system and environmental activities.
2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
・We're striving for strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as requirements we are subject to, for sustainable and better environment.
3. Materials Lifecyle Management
・We're always mindful of materials' lifecycle, namely from production to sales, distribution, use, and disposal, to mitigate environmental impact, develop greener technologies, and contribute to environmental protection.
4. Eco-friendly Product Development
・When developing new technologies and products, we take full account of environmental protection, safety and health at each process including conception and planning, internal or external.
5. Full Dissemination of Environmental Policy
・This environmental policy is disseminated throughout our organization as well as to those concerned outside Nishimura.
6. Disclosure of Environmental Policy
This environmental policy is disclosed to public, for active cooperation by our partners.

Awarded Toyota Monozukuri (manufacturing) Brand Certification

We're honored to announce that we were awarded the Toyota Monozukuri Brand Certification 2017 for our precise sheet metal press-forming technology.

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