Nishimura, one-stop shop for designing and producing precision dies and press-forming Toyota-city, Aichi-prefecture

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Company Overview


Nishimura has been satisfying our customers with our dies and components for more than 50 years, which has made us one of the most renowned manufacturers in the parts processing industry. We believe providing unrivaled products is our mission. To this end, we'll keep improving our technology and challenging ourselves. We're determined to offer our customers with ideas and supports that are beyond their expectations. Meanwhile, in recent years, in cooperation with auto makers and fuel cell system developers, we are focusing on fuel cells, being prepared for developing and producing high-end products and dies that meet our customers' needs in this field. Our ultimate vision is to contribute to the society from the aspect of clean energy technology, thereby developing ourselves and enhancing well-being of people, locally and worldwide.

President,Manabu Kinoshita

Corporate PhilosophyPhilosophy

  1. 1.Our first priority is customer satisfaction.
  2. 2.We challenge to the latest technology with proactive ideas and actions, with no limits in mind.
  3. 3.We create high quality products by making full use of our cutting-edge technologies and by thinking flexibly.
  4. 4.We continue to innovate our technology and production, for further added value.
  5. 5.We always endeavor for prosperity and environmental improvement of our community.
  6. 6.Through compliance with domestic and international laws and regulations and prudent corporate activities, we aim to be a reliable corporate citizen.
  7. 7.We value our trust-based labor-management relationship, keeping a good relationship of "mutual-trust" and "mutual-responsibility" between us.
We are determined to maximize our performance
by optimum allocation of
our management resources
and by human resource development.

Company OverviewAbout

Company Name NISHIMURA Co., Ltd.
Represented by: Tomio Kinoshita, Chairman
Manabu Kinoshita, President
Founded in: March, 1965
Capital: 29.25 million yen
Location: 91, Kitashige, Hiromi-cho, Toyota, Aichi, Japan
Number of employees: 65
Phone: TEL: +81-565-21-1583
FAX: +81-565-21-3579
Main Banks: The Hekikai Shinkin Bank
The Bank of Nagoya
The Toyota Shinkin Bank
Certifications ISO9001:2015

Our HistoryHistory

1965 Osamu Nishimura, the founding president, started making products including gauges.
1972 The organization became a stock company under a business name Kabushiki Kaisha Nishimura Seisakusho.
1982 Moved to Watarai-cho Toyota-city. Introduced a NC machine tool.
1997 Tomio Kinoshita was appointed as president.
1999 Moved to Hiromi-cho, Toyota-city, and opened a new plant, to start operation under a new business name Nishimura Co., Ltd.
2004 Joined The Japan Society for Die and Mould Technology.
2005 Completed 2nd phase construction work of the HQ building. Installed die-fabricating and test stamping facilities.
2006 Nishimura newly created a development department and started process development of automobile components, etc.
2010 Established the Technical Center, and introduced a high-precision press.
2013 Introduced a 400-ton servo press. Started production of separators for fuel cells.
2015 Tomio Kinoshita was appointed as chairman and Manabu Kinoshita as president.

The reason why we introduced principles of MOT (Management of Technology)Reason of MOT

Current business environment surrounding manufacturers

While most existing manufacturers have new ideas, they're struggling to turn them into practical solutions to enhance their corporate value.

Factors for this problem:
  • acceleration of technological innovation and diversification of technologies
  • fiercer competition among corporations
  • spread of market-oriented development
  • uncertainties attached to technologies, customers, and competition
  • difficulty to incorporate technologies into management strategy
  • need for sophisticated business strategy
  • lack of staff who are knowledgeable of both technology and management

Our vision for the future - with MOT

With the MOT principles, Nishimura will further improve our technology and quality, aiming to become one of the most competitive organizations in the world.



91, Kitashige, Hiromi-cho, Toyota, Aichi, Japan(in the Hiromi Industrial Complex)


■ By car:
15 minute-drive from Toyotaminami Exit of Isewangan Expressway.
■ By train:
The access to us is possible by taxi, from any of the Shinkansen "Mikawa-Anjo" (20min), Meitetsu "Shin-Anjo" (20min), or Aichi Loop Railway "Kitano Masuzuka" (15min) stations.

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