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Design & Production

Our Die Design and Production

Nishimura's high-precision dies are made with our three capabilities, namely design capability, production capability, and suggestion capability. Our long years' experience has enabled us to give advice to customers from the concept and development stages, in order to design and construct top-quality dies. Our die design experts who have expertise in the fields such as "FB (fine blanking)", "progressive dies", "sheet metal forming", and "forging", are striving to meet customer requirements. Our goal is to deliver dies you can fully count on.

Nishimura's design capability backed by our experts of their fields.

Nishimura has a number of design experts in areas such as "Sheet Metal Stamping," "Fine Blanking," "Progressive Dies," and "Single Dies." By having them at meetings, you can directly consult them, which allows you to go into very specific details. We also evaluate probability of problems before making dies, by reviewing designs with our press engineers and machining engineers. Regarding design data transfer, we've introduced several high-end CAD/CAM software packages, thereby allowing us to exchange data without disturbance, secure quality, and design more efficiently.

High-precision die making

To produce high-precision, high-performance components, you need a high-precision die set. With our processing technology with micron-order precision, Nishimura is capable of making extremely precise dies. In order to achieve high die precision as a whole, superior die part precision and surface roughness are required. Our expertise and design know-hows on die making, upper and lower die alignment, and selection of materials for excellent quality, all enable us to produce excellent dies.

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Our suggestions

Every customer has their own requirements, such as for "robust and compact dies" and "lower cost while maintaining current quality."

We at Nishimura, based on requests from our customers, from the development and design stages, provide them with potential solutions always keeping mass production in mind.

Thanks to our years of experience in designing and making dies and to our strong bonds with material suppliers, we've accumulated a wide range of know-hows, whereby we can give you right advice for reduced cost and consistent quality.

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