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Press Forming

High precision dies (superior dies) ×
high performance press (superior equipment)
= high quality and precisely formed products
(superior products)

Here at Nishimura, progressive press forming using rigid and reliable presses, and digital controlled press forming with high-precision servo presses, are performed. Precision stamping tools for press forming are made in-house, which reflects our commitment to the utmost precision. These efforts have helped us produce excellent and reliable products such as metal separators for fuel cells and electronic components, which are enjoying significant reputation from customers from home and overseas. Metal separators for fuel cells are made of so-called "hard-to-form" material, such as stainless steel and titanium. We've been undertaking extensive technical development, to make press forming of these challenging materials possible.

Special, high-performance presses we can rely on

  • Press Multi-link motion high-speed press
    Manufacturer Yamada Dobby
    Model MXM-80L
    Bed Size 1500×800
    SPM 400
    Capacity 80 tons
  • Press Direct drive digital servo press
    Manufacturer Hoden Seimitsu Kako Kenkyusho
    Model MPS8400DS
    Bed Size 1800×800
    Capacity 400 tons
  • Press Highly-rigid servo press
    Manufacturer Amada
    Model SDE-3030SF
    Bed Size 1380×900
    Capacity 300 tons

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Nishimura's press forming technology from test stamping to mass production

Our press forming technology will meet and exceed your expectations, in avoiding dull edges, press-forming of modified cross-section shape material, and forming of fine-pitch and higher-wall corrugated plates. Meanwhile, we know how to make maximum use of respective material's properties. With our high-precision dies, forming things that used to be impossible to form becomes possible. This facilitates integration of parts, and improves their performance.

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Precise punching of thick plates and cold forging processing

Exhaust system parts, for automobile industry

Plate thickness : 6.0mm
Material : S22C
Precision : precision of punched contour geometry: ±0.03mm
Accuracy of cold-forging formed geometry: ±0.05mm
Feature: achieved cold chick plate forging with high-precision dies and rigid press machine

Dealing with the most challenging shapes -- press-forming of micro module gears

Seat recliner for vehicles

Plate thickness : 3.2mm
Material : S22C
Gear module : 0.28
Precision : precision of gear contour : ±0.02mm
Feature : precise press-forming of micro gear geometry. Appropriate management of clearance and adequate blade tip geometry prevent fracture of cross section and limit dull edges.

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