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Metal Bipolar Plates

"Metal Separators for Fuel Cells"

Our high-precision processing technology provides precise and quality bipolar plates. From material procurement to die making and manufacture of complete bipolar plates, we offer a comprehensive service.

Three advantages of Nishimura's metal separators

01 Fine Pitch Flow Channel

Uniform plate thickness and fine pitch channels achieved by controlling the behavior of the material during stamping

02 Good Flatness

Minimal deformation and warpage, enabled by our superior forming technology

03 Stable Height of Flow Channel

The height of flow channels, which affect the performance of the FCs, are secured with a precision of ±0.01mm.

Design Guidelines for Flow Channels of Metal Bipolar Plates

We have the forming database based on many experiences.

We are able to propose the optimized cross-section shape of flow channel depending on material property to supply high-quality Metal Bipolar Plates.

Our Metal Separator (selected)

Material:SS316L Pure Ti

Material Thickness:0.1~0.15mm


We accommodate a wide range of design parameters.
Please feel free to consult us!

Material SS316L
Material Thickness 0.1mm
Height of flow channel 1.2mm
Pitch of flow channel 0.5mm
Flatness within 2mm
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