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Planning and development

Developing prototypes with high-precision molds and equipment

We mainly undertake the development of machining methods, molds and prototypes for press forming.
We create a high-precision mold, try it on the latest presses, check the quality, and propose the optimal molds and plastic forming technology.

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Examples of design and prototypes

Examples of design and prototypes

We design and make prototypes with leading-edge technology.With thorough consultations from the mold design stage, we use CAE analysis and make prototype molds with high rigidity. We also achieve faster start-ups by using displacement and strain analysis to reduce the number of tries necessary.

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Nishimura's precision technology


We are always polishing our technology by performing extremely difficult machining and manufacturing.

The best mold technology in Japan


Mold for sintered products.

We make various molds including those for precision forging, die casting, fine blanking, powder metallurgy, and cold forging.

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All-axes linear motor driven Sodick AZ250

Being specialists in micro-machining, we have all the equipment needed for prototype production and mass production of precision products.

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Company profile

Nishimura Co., Ltd(Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture)

Each member of our staff is constantly aiming for the best quality, never forgetting the challenge spirit that leads them to refine their quality.

Introducing Nishimura Co., Ltd

MOT (Management of Technology)

Managing with MOT

We manage the company with the MOT method, treating our technology as an important business asset, and aiming to maximize value in a strategic and organized way.

Managing with MOT




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